Trees of Life

Biodegradable underground urns where you can deposit the ashes of your loved one, paying homage to their life by placing a gravestone inscribed with their name around where a tree will grow.


About the urn:

Árboles de Vida

100% biodegradable urns made by hand using only materials from plants and minerals. The delicacy and beauty associated with artisanry is combined with optimum esthetic and operational efficiency and full respect for the environment. The urn is made from earth and compound nutrients (organic plan substrate, fiber, sand, and plant agglutinants), giving it exceptional hydroscopic qualities once exposed to humidity. The sand urn will dissolve in a few minutes after coming into contact with a wet medium.

The lid is removed to insert the seed and the loved one’s remains, from which the tree will grow so that the memory of your loved one will last forever along with nature, thus paying homage to their life.