Tibás Funeral Home

Funeraria Tibas

La Piedad Tibás Funeral Home opened in May 2010. It answers the needs for funeral services for Tibás, Santo Domingo and Moravia residents.

At La Piedad Tibás Funeral Home, we're with you during this difficult time...

  • To solve any problems that arise after the death of a loved one; and
  • So that the only thing on your mind is spending time with your family and friends.
Funeraria Tibas

At La Piedad Tibás Funeral Home, our personnel is guaranteed to have the highest level of care and ability to assist you during this difficult time. We also have modern facilities, large viewing rooms, a coffin display room, morgue, cremation services, refreshment services, large parking area, private 24-hour security, and closed-circuit cameras.

Phone: 4700-6605

Email: info@lapiedad.co.cr

Address: From the southeastern corner of the San Juan de Tibás Catholic Church, 100 meters west and 50 meters south. (View map)