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According to regulations from the Ministry of Health, which manages all funeral services, autopsies and preservation processes for bodies (pathology), these must be completed in a morgue to comply with all corresponding levels of prevention.

La Piedad Cemetery has its own morgue, which is duly authorized by the Ministry of Health and equipped with everything necessary to function and comply with the highest standards of hygiene and prevention.

Repatriation of Bodies



Transportation services to any part of the country. Rates are based on mileage.

Pathology Services

Our senior pathologist supervises all morgue services, and helps manage our list of available pathologists to conduct any body conservation services in our own morgue. We comply with all corresponding legal requirements and guarantee mourners the proper and respectful treatment of their loved one.

Viewing Room Rental

Comfortable and modern facilities for your funeral services, staffed 24/7 by our highly qualified personnel.

Floral Arrangements

We offer floral arrangement delivery services for your funeral service.

Novena Services

Coordination of the novena mass, two floral arrangements, biographical sketch (memoir of the deceased), novena souvenirs, a novena announcement on Channel 7, and refreshments.

Exhumations and Transport

  • Exhumation and/or transport is permitted five years after initial internment.
  • In the case of transport, you must present authorization from the Ministry of Health.


In order to promote a uniform appearance and to keep our gardens impeccable, all headstones must be in white marble or gray-flecked white marble, in a cement base, and must be in their respective locations and comply with all respective regulations.

Accepted dimensions are the following: 30 x 40 x 2 cm thick. Letters must be carved in white or black only.

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