In 1994, the Ortuño Victory family, coffee farmers, by heritage, formed a business with other visionary entrepreneurs to create a solution to the increasing saturation of public cemeteries. Under the name Camposanto La Piedad (La Piedad Cemetery), the Desamparados cemetery became the first of many successful locations, which today offer the opportunity to purchase a plot at an accessible price, and where clients enjoy countless value-added services.

Today, our architecture co-exists in balance with the natural surroundings, and we promise vanguard service that complies with all quality standards and legal specifications. And today, we make it our business to take care of your peace of mind, down to the very last detail.


1994 - Desamparados Cemetery (total capacity: 9,700 plots)

1998 - Santo Domingo de Heredia Cemetery (total capacity: 4,200 plots)

2005 - Moravia Cemetery (total capacity: 4,300 plots)

2005 - Desamparados Cemetery – Second Phase (total capacity: 5,100 plots)

After 14 years of experience in cemetery services, in 2008 we opened our first funeral home in Desamparados. This new phase allows us to offer our clients a variety of comprehensive services, both to cover an immediate need and to plan ahead for the expenses and arrangements required after the loss of a loved one.

2008 – Desamparados Funeral Home

2010 - Cartago Cemetery (total capacity: 4,200 plots)

2010 - Heredia Cemetery (total capacity: 7,200 plots)

2010 – Tibás Funeral Home

2011 - Heredia Cemetery (total capacity: 7,400 plots)

2012 - Crematorium

2012 - Heredia Funeral Home

2013 - Moravia Funeral Home

2013 - Escazú Cemetery (total capacity 4.500 plots and 2.000 cremation niches)

2014 - Santo Tomás Cemetery