General Provisions

Policy on Flowers


At La Piedad, and in conjunction with a worldwide emphasis on environmental protections in order to promote a healthy and clean planet, we have adopted an initiative to incorporate an innovative vase system at all our cemeteries. This initiative has the following advantages:

  • Vases have a useful life of 7+ years.
  • You can place any natural flowers you prefer.
  • The vase's design helps your flowers stay in place, so they are not tossed to the ground.
  • When empty, the vase may be placed, top-down, in its spot, so that it does not fill with water when it rains.

In order to preserve our flowers policy, we would like to remind you of the following regulations:

  • Only flowers supplied by La Piedad may be placed in a vase.
  • All types of natural flowers may be place in a vase.
  • The maximum number of vases is two per headstone.
  • Cemetery staff will be in charge of placing a vase, once it has been purchased at the Client Services office.
  • Vases will be placed behind the headstone.
  • We do not allow earth to be placed in the vase, or allow live flowers to be planted.
  • Flowers will be removed from their vases every Thursday.
  • We do not permit the placement of decorative elements of any kind.

Let's work together to create a better world for our children.

Internal Policies and General Cemetery Regulations

La Piedad Cemetery and Funeral Home have made available our internal policies and general cemetery regulations, for your convenience and with the goal of providing excellence in service at all times: (documents in Spanish)


Reglamento de funcionamiento de Cementerios del Ministerio de Salud: