Coffins - Caskets

We offer a variety of coffins and caskets with fine detailing, in different types of wood.

Please contact us for prices.

Presidencial Coffin

Presidencial CoffinPresidencial Coffin

Oropel Coffin

Oropel CoffinOropel Coffin

Europea Coffin

Europea CoffinEuropea Coffin

Relieves Bíblicos Coffin

Relieves Bíblicos CoffinRelieves Bíblicos Coffin

Biblia de Lujo Coffin

Biblia de Lujo CoffinBiblia de Lujo Coffin

Dos Tapas Coffin

Dos Tapas CoffinDos Tapas Coffin

Tallada Coffin

Tallada CoffinTallada Coffin

Diamante Coffin

Diamante CoffinDiamante Coffin

Elegante Coffin

Elegante CoffinElegante Coffin

Plana Cristo Coffin

Plana Cristo CoffinPlana Cristo Coffin

Italiana Coffin

Italiana CoffinItaliana Coffin

Nopal Tabaco Coffin

Nopal Tabaco CoffinNopal Tabaco Coffin

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