Our cemeteries feature gardens surrounded by spectacular greenery, blending peace and tranquility in a comforting setting – the ideal choice of final resting place for your loved ones.

  • Plot sizes available to build two or four niches
  • Plot sizes: From 2.25 x 0.80 meters, and 2 meters in depth.
  • Plots with public deed.
  • Property grows in value.
  • Convenient Financed Preventive Plans
  • 24-hour security around the cemetery's perimeter.
  • Dedicated and constant maintenance of our expansive green areas.

All of our cemeteries were designed in harmony with nature, in order to create a setting rich in tranquility and natural beauty.

La Piedad offers the following funeral options to preserve the memories of your loved ones:

Funeral Plots

All our cemeteries offer funeral plots – concrete-iron enclosed spaces at ground level, with room to build two or four niches. Surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Trees of Life

Underground cremation plots, with biodegradable urns to store the ashes of your loved one. Above, we'll place a headstone with his or her name, and here a bush will grow, paying homage to your family member's life.

Cremation Plots

Lots where you can bury an urn, with your family member's ashes, underground. Above, we'll place a headstone with his or her name.


A structure with several small compartments (niches), built above ground and designed to store urns and ashes. Located in our Heredia Cemetery, where we also offer a meditation room, peaceful spaces, and all the amenities necessary to spend time with your loved ones.